gye nyame sankofa sankofa adinkrahene funtunfunefu denkyemfunefu denkyem dwennimmen akoma ntoaso nyame nti nyame biribi wo soro nkinkyim nsoromma bin nka bi akokonan fihankra eban akoben nkonsonnkonson owo foro adobe akoma hwemudua hye wonhye
tamfo bebre duafe mmusuyidee osram ne nsoromma kintinkantan bese saka asase ye duru mpataro nsaa nkyimu sesa woruban epa dame dame ese ne tekrema nyame nnwu na mawu nyansapo odo nnyew fie kwan mate masie fofo owuo atwedee
wawa aba aya nyame dua mframadan nea ope se obedi hene woforo dua pa a wo nsa da mu a boa me na kete pa me ware wo

West African Wisdom: Adinkra Symbols & Meanings




Not all valuable information is available on the internet. Dr. Kwaku Ofori-Ansa, author of Meanings of Symbols in Adinkra Cloth, made me keenly aware of this recently, pointing out that this site does not acknowledge much of the important scholarship in the study of adinkra symbols. To rectify this oversight, Dr. Ofori-Ansa recommended the bibliography from The Adinkra Dictionary by W. Bruce Willis (The Pyramid Complex, 1998), pp. 297-98. (Read Dr. Ofori-Ansa's letter on the relationship between Sankofa and adinkra scholarship.)

I have searched for all these adinkra-related titles below on Most were not available. I suggest checking with your library to find out whether some of these titles are available through interlibrary loan. The few listed in are linked. New and used copies are available on an irregular basis--click the link to see what's currently available.

If you know other books that should be included in this bibliography, please let us know.



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