gye nyame sankofa sankofa adinkrahene funtunfunefu denkyemfunefu denkyem dwennimmen akoma ntoaso nyame nti nyame biribi wo soro nkinkyim nsoromma bin nka bi akokonan fihankra eban akoben nkonsonnkonson owo foro adobe akoma hwemudua hye wonhye
tamfo bebre duafe mmusuyidee osram ne nsoromma kintinkantan bese saka asase ye duru mpataro nsaa nkyimu sesa woruban epa dame dame ese ne tekrema nyame nnwu na mawu nyansapo odo nnyew fie kwan mate masie fofo owuo atwedee
wawa aba aya nyame dua mframadan nea ope se obedi hene woforo dua pa a wo nsa da mu a boa me na kete pa me ware wo

West African Wisdom: Adinkra Symbols & Meanings



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Akan Cultural Symbols Project

From Dr. George F. Kojo Arthur and Marshall University, a survey of adinkra symbols as used in architecture, textiles, pottery and wood carving.

Information for Travelers to Ghana

Sweet Africa Guest House
If you go to Ghana, you should definitely plan a visit to Aburi, a mountain-top village about one hour from Accra. You can enjoy the cooler weather, you can visit the kiosks of the well-known Aburi woodcarvers, you can stroll around the famous Royal Botanical Garden, and you can lodge at the guest house of my good friend, Sweet Africa. Besides running his lovely guest house, Sweet Africa is a busy craftsman, making jewelry and many other items out of cornhusks and beads. I brought back many of his creations as gifts for friends.

This site offers all sorts of information for short- and long-term stays in Ghana.

Adinkra Crafts

Cultured Expressions
Lisa Shepard, author of African Accents: Fabrics and Crafts to Decorate Your Home, offers free project instructions, as well as craft & decorating tips for beautiful, quality African-centered home design.

A site featuring a wide range of African-related art, culture, music, history, information,
and crafts including items using adinkra symbols.
(If you have a slow connection, be forewarned that this site uses a lot of audio files.)

PBS Kids: Africa
Instructions for making adinkra cloth for kids, plus other information about African culture.
A very broad and complete guide to information about the quilting and related craft and textile traditions of diverse ethnic groups, including Africa.

Free Adinkra Stencils Collection

More than 20 large format adinkra images useful for stencils and other personal design projects, from the guide to African History, Alistair Boddy-Evans. (Be forewarned that there are often pop-up ads.)

Trew 2 Life Home Furnishings
Home furnishings that have a heritage-themed design twist.

African Culture and Society

Africa: South of the Sahara
From the Stanford University Library, a well-edited collection of links, including a section devoted to Ghana.

Studies Among the Akan Peoople of West Africa: Community, History, Society, Culture
An incredible amount of information about all things Akan, with lots of photos, put together by Phil Bartle, Ph.D., sociologist, economist, professor, and international development specialist.

Languages of Ghana
A scientific listing of all the language groups and dialects. According to this page, there are 79 languages spoken in Ghana today.

Kakuyon Stronghold
Kakuyon Stronghold was formed to create, manufacture, and distribute profoundly educational artistic works that deal with societal issues using an Africentric perspective. Its founder, Tiki Mercury-Clarke, uses a beautiful, unique combination of Sankofa and Hwe Mu Dua adinkra symbols in her logo.

Acacia Woodcarvings
Authentic art from Africa, including Ghana, at affordable prices. Supports Fair Trade policies.

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