gye nyame sankofa sankofaadinkrahenefuntunfunefu denkyemfunefudenkyemdwennimmenakoma ntoasonyame ntinyame biribi wo soronkinkyimnsorommabin nka biakokonanfihankraeban akobennkonsonnkonsonowo foro adobeakomahwemuduahye wonhye
tabono wawa abaayanyame duamframadannea ope se obedi henewoforo dua pa awo nsa da mu aboa me na kete pame ware wo
tamfo bebreduafemmusuyideeosram ne nsorommakintinkantanbese sakaasase ye durumpataronsaankyimu sesa woruban epa dame dame ese ne tekrema nyame nnwu na mawu nyansapo odo nnyew fie kwan mate masie fofo owuo atwedee

West African Wisdom: Adinkra Symbols & Meanings



Adobe Illustrator was used to create the adinkra graphics, which were then converted into GIF files with Photoshop. The site's mission is to provide quality adinkra graphics online for use in school reports and projects.

To download a small graphic from this site: right-click on the image you want and choose "Download to Disk" or "Save to Disk". If you are using a Macintosh, control-click and hold for the download options. Please include a credit line and link to this site.

To request a larger format file, please send an email to
• GIF files are available at no charge for personal, educational and non-profit purposes.
• The license fee for commercial use is $25 per GIF file and $50 per Illustrator file.

How to be sure your request is filled promptly
Requests are filled by one volunteer with a full-time job and family responsibilities. Every effort is made to fulfill them promptly but here are some things you can do (or not do) to help:
1) Don't ask for "all" the symbols. Please limit your request to 4 or 5 symbols. If you need more, please give a short explanation of why in the comments.
2) Request the symbols by adinkra name. Many symbols have the same meaning in English.
3) Alphabetize your list of requested symbols.
If you follow these guidelines, your request will be filled very quickly. Due to the volume of requests, it is not possible to respond to requests that do not follow these guidelines.

Help continue our educational and cultural mission of providing adinkra images at no charge.
Donations of any amount accepted via PayPal.


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